प्रकरण ५.२.१३. सुख PLEASURE

.१३: २५९.१५अनुग्रहलक्षणम्सुखम् स्रगाद्यभिप्रेतविषयसान्निध्येसतीष्टोपलब्धीन्द्रियार्थसन्निकर्षाद्धर्माद्यपेक्षादात्ममनसोःसम्योगादनुग्रहाभिष्वङ्गनयनादिप्रसादजनकमुत्पद्यतेतत्सुखम्

Pleasure is of the nature of favour or agreeableness. When there is proximity of such desirable things as a garland and the like there being a commingling of that thing, its perception, and the sense organ capable of taking cognizance of it, the contact of the soul and the mind, ‘aided by the agency of Dharma etc., brings about a feeling which produces such effects as ‘favour’, ‘affection’, brightness of the eyes etc.; and this feeling is what is called ‘sukha’ or ‘pleasure’.

.१३: २५९अतीतेषुविषयेषुस्मृतिजम्। अनागतेषुसङ्कल्पजम्। यत्तुविदुषामसतुविषयानुस्मरणेछासङ्कल्पेष्वाविर्भवतितद्विद्याशमसन्तोषधर्मविशेषनिमित्तमिति

In regard to past objects, it is produced by memory ; in regard to future objects it is brought about by reflection; and that which is felt by the wise, independently of all such agencies as the remembrance of the object, desire and reflection, is due to their knowledge, peacefulness of mind, contentment, and the peculiar character of their virtues. (X i-1 to 6, and V-ii-15)

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