प्रकरण ५.२.१४ दु:ख SORROW

८.१४: २६०.१९उपघातलक्षणम्दुह्खम् ।

Pain is of the nature, ‘harm’.

८.१४: २६०विषाद्यनभिप्रेतविषयसान्निध्येसत्यनिष्टोपलब्धीन्द्रियार्थसन्निकर्षादधर्माद्यपेक्षादात्ममनसोःसम्योगाद्यदमर्षोपघातदैन्यनिमित्तमुत्पद्यतेतद्दुह्खम् ।

When there is proximity of such undesirable objects as poison and the like, there being a commingling of the object, its perception and the organ percipient of it, the contact of the soul and the mind, aided by adharma, brings about the condition of a mind which gives rise to the feeling of ‘anger’, idea of harm and a depression of spirits ; and this condition of the mind is called ‘Pain’.

८.१४: २६०अतीतेषुसर्पव्याघ्राचौरादिषुस्मृतिजम्। अनागतेषुसङ्कल्पजमिति ॥

In regard to past objects, such as snakes, tigers and thieves experienced on some previous occasion, the pain is due to remembrance; and with reference to future objects it is produced by reflection.

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