प्रकरण ५.२.१८ गुरुत्व Gravity

.१८: २६३.२५गुरुत्वम्जलभूम्योःपतनकर्मकारणम्। अप्रत्यक्षम्पतनकर्मानुमेयम्सम्योगप्रयत्नसांस्कारविरोधि अस्यचाबादिपरमाणुरूपादिवन्नित्यानित्यत्वनिष्पत्तयः

Gravity resides in Water & Earth, and is the cause of the action of falling; it is imperceptible; it is inferable from the action of falling; and it is neutralized by conjunction, Effort and Faculty. The Eternality and Evanescence of this are in the same manner as those of the colour of the atoms of Water and other Substances. (V-U7 to IS; V4I-3).

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