प्रकरण ५.२.४ स्पर्श TEMPERATURE

८.४: १०६.८-स्पर्शस्त्वगिन्द्रियग्राह्यः ।
Touch/Temperature is perceived by the tactile or cutaneous organ.

क्षित्युदकज्वलनपवनवृत्तिःत्वक्षहकारीरूपानुविधायीशीतोष्णानुष्णाशीतभेदात्त्रिविधः । अस्यापिनित्यानित्यत्वनिष्पत्तयःपूर्ववत् ॥
It subsists in Solids, Liquids, Fire/Heat and Gases. It aids the tactile organ. It follows upon color. It is of three kinds – cold, hot and neither-cold-nor-hot. The eternality and non-eternality is as explained before.

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