प्रकरण ५.२.८ पृथकत्व ISOLATION/SEPARATENESS

८.८: १३८.५-पृथक्त्वमपोद्धारव्यवहारकारणम् । तत्पुनरेकद्रव्यमनेकद्रव्यम्च । तस्यतुनित्यानित्यत्वनिष्पत्तयःसंख्ययाव्याख्याताः । एतावांस्तुविशेषःेकत्वादिवदेकपृथक्त्वादिष्वपरसामान्याभावःसंख्ययातुविशिष्यतेतद्विशिष्टव्यवहारदर्शनादिति ॥
Isolation is the basis of all notions of separateness. It inheres in one as well as in many substances. Its eternal and non-eternal manifestations are in the same way as those of Number ; the only difference lies in this : that of Isolation, there are no such subdivisions as Individual Isolation and the like, as there is in the case of ‘unity (of number) ; but Isolation is always qualified by number ; as we often come across notions of Isolation qualified by number. (vii-ii-2).

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