प्रकरण ५.२.२ रसना TASTE

८.२: १०५.८-रसोरसनग्राह्यः ।
Taste is perceived by the tongue.

पृथिव्युदकवृत्तिःजीवनपुष्टिबलारोग्यनिमित्तम्रसनसहकारीमधुरांललवणतिक्तकटुकषायभेदभिन्नः। अस्यापिनित्यानित्यत्वनिष्पत्तयोरूपवत् ॥
It subsists in Solids and Liquids. It is the cause of the sustaining of life, of developing the body, producing strength and bringing about health. It aids the tongue. It is of several kinds: Sweet, Acid, Saltish, Bitter, Hot and Pungent.
The eternality and non-eternality of this also is like that of color.

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